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Terms and Conditions

These rules which govern L’Amicale are needed to ensure that the activities can run smoothly and safely. Please read carefully.

The After School Activities

  1. L’Amicale Andre Malraux after school activities are open to students from L’Ecole Andre Malraux.
  2. They will take place at L’Ecole Andre Malraux throughout the week unless otherwise stated. Please check the descriptions and location carefully. The weekly activity schedule is available online (schedule). Please check the news and announcements for updates too.
  3. The activities are limited by age and numbers of students. They will be allocated on a first-come first-serve basis.
  4. Please check the price within the description carefully before you register. Each term price is based on the number of weeks in the term. Check the detail page for each activity (on the schedule) for the total price.
  5. Children must respect teachers. Anyone not behaving properly will be warned, then excluded from the activities without a refund.
  6. If your child is going to Aktiva after an Activity, you must inform Aktiva which class your child is attending and arrange for them to collect your child. You must also notify the Amicale if your child is to be collected by Aktiva so they don’t take them to the parent’s area with the other children.
  7. Please remind your children each morning, which activity they are attending and where they will be going. It helps children feel less disorientated in the first weeks and after holidays. As a general rule, children from Maternelle classes are collected by the Amicale from their classrooms. CP upwards make their own way to the assigned location/room prompted by their class teacher (or go directly to the activity on Wednesdays). The Instructor will await the pupils near the room.
  8. Football requires sports kit, football boots and shin pads. Rugby requires sports kit and rugby boots. Roller requires Roller Blades and roller protective gear. In case of bad weather, the children will need a raincoat.
  9. Remember to put your children’s nut-free snacks in their bag and a bottle of water if they do football, minimovers or multisports.
  10. In case of a health problem or an accident affecting your child, you must be available as soon as you receive a telephone call from a person designated by L’Amicale.
  11. In urgent cases, if you cannot be contacted for any reason, we will call the emergency services i.e.999. They will decide whether to transport your child to the appropriate hospital. The parents are legally responsible; you should contact immediately the hospital where your child has been sent.

Registration and Payment

  1. The correct contact information should be entered during the registration of your child. Please contact the Amicale team if you need to update your contact details.
  2. Registration for an activity is on a per term basis. Child already registered in an activity would have priority in subsequent terms for that activity.
  3. The list of activities and registration instructions are available on our website (Schedule).
  4. Make sure all emergency contact details and information of your child(ren) is up-to-date.
  5. Any changes to the activities or cancellations is at the discretion of the Amicale and parents will be notified by email.
  6. We will only accept debit/credit card payments (via Stripe).
  7. All registrations are final. Refund will be not be issued for missed sessions.
  8. In the event of a lockdown/quarantine due to Covid-19 certain instructors will be able to run the remaining sessions online (e.g. Zoom), in which case no refund will be issued. If the remaining sessions will have to be cancelled should the instructor be unable to run them online, a refund will be issued.
  9. All bookings are mandatory. If exceptionally, you have to cancel any booking during the registrations period or during the term (due to medical conditions or logistic issues that didn’t exist when you registered), after careful examination by the Amicale Trustees of your situation and decision, a refund might be issued, minus the processing fees. The refunds occurring within the term will be issued at the end of the current term.
  10. The Amicale reserves the right to cancel an activity if insufficient numbers of children have registered. Parents will be notified by email and will be able to register their child/children into another activity or request a refund.
  11. Contact us at to request a refund for a cancelled activity.

Collection and late collections

  1. Children are to be collected from the parents’ courtyard by their parents or any authorised adults.
  2. Activities finish as follows:
MS-GSPick up 4.30pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays
Pick up 2.40pm on Wednesdays
CP-CM2Pick up 4.40pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Tursdays & Fridays
Pick up 2.50pm on Wednesdays
  1. Please collect your child(ren) on time. The after school clubs are not insured to care for the children after 5 pm. If you are delayed, please contact the Supervisor on site by phone, otherwise send a message to Amicale at
  2. Once children have been collected by parents at activity end time, the remaining children will be immediately brought back to school in the parents’ courtyard. Late parents arrival time will be noted by supervisors, and they will be charged on the basis of £1 per late minute from younger child activity collection time (in case of children in multiple bubbles). Late parents will be able to collect their children only after all bubble 3 children have been collected. In case of multiple late parents, preference will be given to younger children return first.
  3. Fines are payable within 2 weeks via bank transfer.
  4. Failure to pay the fine on time will result in the exclusion of your child(ren) without a refund. Failure to pick up your child on time regularly will result in a cancellation of your registration without a refund.
  5. For children in the Maternelles : only those authorised in the registration process will be allowed to collect the children.


  1. If a child cannot attend a session, no refund will be payable. Please inform L’Amicale that your child(ren) will be absent by sending an email
  2. To avoid disrupting a session, no one will be allowed to leave early except in the event of exceptional circumstances or medical emergencies in which case a note must be given, including the name of the person who will collect the child(ren).
  3. In the event of the activiti(es) being cancelled the parents will be informed via email as soon as possible.
  4. In the case of absence of an instructor all efforts will be made to find a substitute instructor. The activities will be subject to change. We will notify you of all changes.