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Mini-Tennis avec la Serge Betsen Academy

  Les cours de tennis permettront aux jeunes enfants d’acquérir des compétences techniques en s’amusant. Ils se dérouleront en intérieur, accompagnés de coachs jeunes et dynamiques de la Serge Betsen Academy.   ======================================  
Tennis is perfect for kids because it is fast paced, and it also helps children develop speed and strength. Anoth benefit is that tennis is a perfect for hand-eye coordination. We introduce the game of tennis slowly and show them how fun it can be by doing some simple activities that will get them familiar with the racket, the ball, movement and balance. Once kids are starting to get more comfortable with the equipment, they will be ready to learn a few basic tennis techniques. This is the time to teach them the Fundamental Skills: the difference between different types of shots, how to serve the ball, and begin to get a little bit more in-depth about the rules of the game. And most importantly when starting to teach kids tennis, The Serge Betsen Academy always remembers to keep fun and straightforward. So, they won’t get bored.

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