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Le backgammon est un jeu de stratégie pratiqué dans le monde entier depuis au moins 3.000 ans (en France, il était plus connu pendant des années sous le nom de “jacquet”). Il permet de développer chez les enfants une application ludique de principes mathématiques essentiels: calcul mental, initiation aux probabilités, reconnaissance de schémas spatiaux, etc. Le cours est enseigné en anglais.    
  Backgammon is a board game that is ideal to reinforce key mathematic features (mental counting, pattern recognition, probabilities) to children while they are having fun. It is easy to comprehend, with a racing element similar to that of Ludo, but to play it well requires strategic thinking. This course aims to get children to use and re-visit their mathematical skills in as fun an environment as possible. It is taught in English.        

Mike Ireland

Mike started playing backgammon 35 years ago when his Iranian grand-father taught him the game. Initially he played at home with the family until in his 20’s he began reading up on it and playing socially. More recently Mike has become a regular at various London backgammon clubs as well as playing in the London and UK Champions Leagues. He has also played overseas which was a challenging if not entirely successful venture! His best achievements to date are winning the London and Bristol intermediate tournaments in 2017. Mike looks forward to sharing his passion and enthusiasm for backgammon with the pupils of Andre Malraux on Thursday afternoons.

Peter Bennet

Backgammon player and organiser with more than 40 years’ experience; Ranked within the top 10 UK players since UKBGF ratings began in 2014 (currently no.4)    

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