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Hula hoop

  • Start date

    23-09-2021 15:40

  • End date

    15-12-2022 16:40

  • Course length

    11x Lesson

  • Class duration

    60 Minutes

Hula hoop with Toks


Hula hooping is a great and fun physical activity. It helps to improve your child motor skills, flexibility, attention, endurance, concentration, posture, coordination, creativity and self confidence.
Aside from its health benefits, hooping is entertaining and excellent exercise.

Bernaldina Morvan

I am Bernaldina “Toks” Morvan, mum of 3 children and I used to be working as an educational school assistant (AVS) at André Malraux. I have always been active in different styles of dance groups from an early age until the end of university: jazz, hip hop and latin.

Je m’appelle Bernaldina ”Toks” Morvan, je suis mère de trois enfants et j’ai été assistante de vie scolaire à André Malraux. Dès mon plus jeune âge et jusqu’à la fin de l’université j’ai toujours fait partie de groupes de danse divers : jazz, hiphop et musiques latines.

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    Hula hoop

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    Ecole Malraux, Laurie Rd 44, W7 1BH, London, United Kingdom

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