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Mini Drama 🇬🇧

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    5x Lesson

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    60 Minutes

Drama Class

Drama is a fun and healthy activity for children. Drama helps children improve their English language skill, inner rhythm, strength, timing, and aides their confidence. In drama we express ourselves with movement and words, which enhances the children’s ability to concentrate and help them to become more independent. The discipline in drama teaches the children to listen, interpret and express themselves in a positive form by speaking and acting.

About Our Class

A professional drama teacher, Cheryl Doyle, being a mum of 7 boys herself is very experienced with children.
Her classes are based around EYFS curriculum and follow the core stages of this.

Please note: There is no pressure on children. We want the children to have fun, whilst learning.
The dramas will be choreographed to different books and themes and the play is changed termly.

They will learn simple steps combined with speaking and actions.
Cheryl will have toys and puppets and animals depending on the play.

What to expect for your child?

Apart from having fun, you will see a steady improvement in self-confidence and social skills in your child. Learning to work and be a part of a team is a much valued and sought after trait in all walks and levels of life.
Your child will learn to think ahead and grow in independence which will spill into every area of their lives. Their listening skills and creative skills will be much improved.
As parents it is important that you encourage your child and praise them.

You could even ask them to give you a mini performance when you get home!This will be an even bigger confidence booster for your child knowing that they can teach YOU something!

Enjoy and have fun doing this with your child.

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    Mini Drama

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