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Creative writing 🇬🇧

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Creative Writing club

Over the term we will be spending time looking at how to build characters. Exercises will include creating a hero and a villain from a name, object, or colour. We will also consider from whose point of view we are choosing to tell the story: e.g. will it be Little Red Riding Hood or the wolf?

While working on description, we’ll be thinking about the five senses, which includes describing objects without being able to see them – always a very popular activity.

Later lessons will include what’s at stake for the hero, different ways we can start a story, and how to write dialogue. There will also be exercises on writing about feelings, and we may even be doing some acting!

Finally, story structure will be tackled, with problems galore for the hero and an explanation of what exactly the beginning, middle and end entail.

Deborah Sherwell

“Creative writing has always been my passion, and I enjoy writing stories, screenplays and plays. Two and a half years ago I graduated with an M.A in writing for film, theatre and television at City University London. I have also been lucky enough to have short pieces I’ve written performed at the Cockpit Theatre in Marylebone, and Questors Theatre, Ealing.

Since graduating, I have held creative writing classes at my home for small groups of students in years five and six and tutored students privately.

It is my aim to make writing fun, while teaching the basic techniques that make a good story. I am also keen to foster a workshop atmosphere in classes and encourage students to have the confidence to read their work out and be supportive of the work of others.”

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