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Video Game Design Put your gaming experience and imagination into action, developing an original game that you can fully play and show to family and friends! This course will provide you with the tools to create your own video games to play on the web or your smartphone. The fundamentals covered in Video Game Design are a great first step into the world of coding. Students are introduced to object-oriented programming, and a behaviour-based logic system – applying behaviours and attributions, testing, debugging and fine-tuning products – that comprises a core component of computer science and is familiar to any programmer. Students who have already taken the club last year can join again and perfect their knowledge of game design while beginners will be able to create their very first game on the course.   FireTech Fire Tech is the UK’s leading provider of short, project-led tech learning workshops and camps. Since its launch in April 2013, about 10,000 students participated in a variety of tech-related courses, camps and workshops. At Fire Tech, our goal is to get young people to create – rather than consume – technology. We want to give them the inspiration, support and the tools to become self-motivated tech learners and explorers, armed with 21 st century skills to become the next generation of innovators.

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