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Activités 2023/2024


This workshop invites children to discover percussions that allow them to explore the rhythmic aspect of music. This is done through learning simple rhythms but also through improvisation and listening. Music House.


With over 20 years of combined coaching experience, Footy Fun 4 Kids prides itself in being one of the top rated children’s football deliverers in West London.

All sessions are delivered via a child centred approach with a huge focus on building confidence and having fun with friends.


Ballet with Cheryl Doyle.

Cheryl Doyle is a Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) professional, she is a current ballet teacher.

Cheryl Doyle


Initiez vos enfants à l’histoire de l’art et des arts plastiques. Développer son observation. Augmenter leur sensibilité visuelle. Développer leur créativité.

Sofy Casado est titulaire d’un Master en Arts Visuels et Histoire des Arts de l’Université de la Sorbonne, Paris (Centre St Charles).

Sofy Casado


Dodgeball  is a team sport in which players on two teams try to throw balls and hit opponents, while avoiding being hit themselves. The objective of each team is to eliminate all members of the opposing team by hitting them with thrown balls, catching a ball thrown by an opponent, or inducing an opponent to commit a violation, such as stepping outside the court.

Delano Mckain


Apprendre et comprendre la création d’images !
A partir de l’observation de photographies, les enfants affineront leur regard et apprendront à construire une image : choix d’un sujet, cadrage et composition.
Ils répondront à un nouveau défi photo chaque semaine, avec des prises de vue en intérieur et en extérieur. Après quelques semaines, ils choisiront un projet photographique pour la préparation d’une exposition.
Exemples de projets : abécédaire, jeux d’ombre et de lumière, mouvement, portraits, techniques anciennes (cyanotype/ anthotype).

Cendrine Robert


Tennis club involves some activities that will get kids familiar with the racket, the ball, movement and balance. Children will learn a few basic tennis techniques, the difference between different types of shots, how to serve, and begin to get a little bit more in-depth about the rules of the game. Tennis helps children develop speed, strength and hand-eye coordination.

Delano Mckain


With Michael Lomata.

The purpose of this class is to teach the fundamentals of the game of basketball. In this fast action game, children will develop endurance, fitness, hand-eye coordination and balance.

Michael Lomata is an experienced education leader with 20+ years experience in the classroom and sports administration.


Le roller fait partie de ces activités physiques à mi-chemin entre sport et loisir, permettant une dépense d’énergie dans un cadre majoritairement ludique. En clair : on entretient son corps tout en s’amusant.

Pour les plus jeunes, qui expriment souvent un grand besoin de bouger comme de jouer, le roller est donc loisir idéal pour absorber leur débauche d’énergie et leur attention. Une fois sur roues, ils travaillent aussi bien leur équilibre que leur souplesse et leur réactivité face aux obstacles.

Par ailleurs, le travail est aussi mental, le roller nécessitant une concentration permanente et une bonne dose de courage pour affronter ses peurs et aller au-delà de ses limites, ce qui est totalement valable pour le skateboard.

Sidonie Mançois, institutrice de la classe CE2.


WLS Taekwondo was born out of a simple idea: bringing high quality, accessible and affordable martial arts training to the entire community. Our unique approach to learning and top quality instruction makes WLS Taekwondo one of the best schools in West London and Slough. We invite you to explore our engaging and diverse lesson schedule, and stop by for a visit at your convenience.


Create Art Club is a fantastic opportunity for your child to dive in to the world of creative arts and learn some new skills.

Nada is a talented artist, architect as well as experienced tutor and she is going to guide the children through the world of Drawing, Painting, 3D making and craft in a fun and relaxed way. “I teach academic art, drawing, painting and sculpture. We focus on art movements history and visual record to build the child’s skills as well as create a strong art knowledge.”

Nada Al Obaidi


Cet atelier permet aux jeunes enfants d’explorer le monde qui les entoure à travers différents ateliers, tels que la cuisine, l’art, la danse, le yoga, le jardinage, Les séances seront ciblées autour des thèmes de l’actualité : Météo, Halloween, Noel, Chandeleur, Printemps, Paques, Été.

Les objectifs de ces ateliers seront l’apprentissage par l’amusement, le ‘faire seul’ pour développer l’autonomie et l’enrichissement du vocabulaire.

Cet atelier sera animé par Toks.



Mini Ballet is a shorter version of the Classical Ballet where exercises are fused together to get you the full experience in a short time. This will give an introduction to Ballet to your little ones. Anna Davydova is a positive, professional teacher, dancer and choreographer, with more than 20 years’ international experience. She has taught many children from Andre Malraux as well in her Anna Davydova Dance school in Ealing.

Anna Davydova Dance School

Anna Davydova


Boom Sports delivers fun fast paced sport clubs. Giving your child the opportunity to enjoy sports, learn new skills and develop social skills. Our session aims to develop a rounded set of technical and physical skills across sports, putting in place the foundations for continued sports participation at adulthood, whether at elite or recreational level.


Boom Sports will be delivering a fun, safe and professional football after school club. The club is aimed at developing the technical and physical skills required to play football. Creative and engaging coaching plans will ensure enjoyment throughout for all. The club is open to all abilities.

The coaching team is made up of FA qualified football coaches, who are experienced at working with youth players.

Children are expected to wear the necessary footwear (football boots/trainers) and shin pads.


Your child will learn more than just how to code – they’ll get hands-on with robotics, draw and build things, learn about how technology fits into the world around them, and collaborate on coding projects in programmes such as Scratch or Python with new friends.

Cypher Coders – Cypher Coders


Drama improves verbal and non-verbal communication skills. It improves voice projection, articulation of words, fluency with language, and persuasive speech. Listening and observation skills develop by playing drama games, being an audience, rehearsing, and performing.
Learning to act and drama skills can help children develop their speech, communication and presentation skills, which are vital skills for anyone!

Deborah Sherwell


If you love to sing and want to be part of a warm, welcoming community  is the place for you! Singing custom written arrangements, this fabulously fun environment will develop your skills and confidence.

Marion Monségur is a singer/songwriter/music composer based in London. She received her formative musical education at the Conservatoire des Landes (France) and Conservatoire Hector Berlioz (Paris) 2001-2012. She then studied jazz singing with Anitta Wardell and Brigitte Behara (2015-2019).

Marion offers singing-led music lessons, focusing on a contemporary repertoire. She has been working with children from the age of 2 to 16 years old.

‘My aim is to create a positive and stimulating environment for learning. I enjoy transmitting my passion for music and inspiring children to be confident to create the opportunity for every child to reach their potential.’

Course includes :

-Physical/Vocal warm-up

-Learning songs


Marion Monsegur


Drama is a fun and healthy activity for children. Drama helps children improve their English language skill, inner rhythm, strength, timing, and aides their confidence. In drama we express ourselves with movement and words, which enhances the children’s ability to concentrate and help them to become more independent. The discipline in drama teaches the children to listen, interpret and express themselves in a positive form by speaking and acting.

A professional drama teacher, Cheryl Doyle, being a mum of 7 boys herself is very experienced with children.
Her classes are based around EYFS curriculum and follow the core stages of this.

Please note: There is no pressure on children. We want the children to have fun, whilst learning.
The dramas will be choreographed to different books and themes and the play is changed termly.

They will learn simple steps combined with speaking and actions.
Cheryl will have toys and puppets and animals depending on the play.

Cheryl Doyle


L’atelier canevas est un atelier créatif qui permettra à votre enfant de développer son agilité gestuelle, sa concentration et sa patience tout en restant un loisir ludique avec la joie de produire et montrer le résultat à sa famille !

The canvas workshop is a creative workshop that will allow your child to develop their gestural agility, concentration and patience while remaining a fun hobby with the joy of producing and showing the result to their family!

Sidonie Mançois, institutrice de la classe CE2.

Sidonie Mançois


We make learning chess fun!

Our fantastic team of coaches have developed chess techniques over the years where kids make remarkable progress while retaining their interest in the game.

In the school club, kids will play friendly matches, solve puzzles, do a lesson and play a tournament style match every week. Every term we select a team for Inter-School Chess Championship and suggest players to play more tournaments outside school.

Along with developing children’s chess ability, chess lessons improve critical thinking, focus and creativity.

Helen Green – Mindful Chess

Master Chess Teaching | Mindful Chess | London

Helen Green – Mindful Chess


Over the term we will be spending time looking at how to build characters. Exercises will include creating a hero and a villain from a name, object, or colour. We will also consider from whose point of view we are choosing to tell the story: e.g. will it be Little Red Riding Hood or the wolf?

While working on description, we’ll be thinking about the five senses, which includes describing objects without being able to see them – always a very popular activity.

Later lessons will include what’s at stake for the hero, different ways we can start a story, and how to write dialogue. There will also be exercises on writing about feelings, and we may even be doing some acting!

Finally, story structure will be tackled, with problems galore for the hero and an explanation of what exactly the beginning, middle and end entail.

Deborah Sherwell


Judo is an excellent activity for young children because it builds healthy and strong muscles early on, improves their cardio, and lowers their cholesterol. As a martial art, judo focuses on building self-respect, respect towards others, including opponents, and respect towards your teacher. In tun, this nurtures their trust, confidence, and judgment so they can grow as balanced and emotionally healthy young adults.

Judo, like many other martial arts, combines physical activity, self-defence skills, and discipline. Judo is an excellent sport for children to learn for many different reasons, including to make children more physically healthy, mentally well, and build confidence, self-esteem, and respect for others.

Coach Umarjan Karimov – Alpha Judo Club


Nous proposons cet atelier Lego / jeux de construction et éveil aux jeux de société. Ces jeux sont très complets et mobilisent différentes compétences.
Les jeux de société sont utiles pour apprendre aux enfants à vivre en groupe. Au fil des parties, les enfants apprennent à écouter les autres, à respecter des règles, à attendre leur tour et à gérer leurs émotions en cas de frustration. De plus, ces jeux sont bons pour l’estime de soi lorsque l’enfant gagne la partie!
Ils développent aussi la capacité d’attention, la mémoire et l’esprit logique ainsi que les jeux de construction qui développent beaucoup d’apprentissages: la motricité fine, la coordination, la prise d’initiative et l’imagination car les idées de création sont infinies!
Rejoignez-nous pour apprendre en s’amusant!

Je m’appelle Cloé Genet, je suis Atsem à Malraux depuis 4 ans.
J’aime beaucoup passer du temps à jouer de façon ludique avec les enfants, que ce soit jeux de société ou bien jeux de construction. Je pense que les enfants apprennent beaucoup par le jeu.


Apprendre à gérer son équilibre tout en s’amusant à travers des jeux et des situations d’apprentissage.

Prévoir ses rollers et protections
(casques et protections pour poignets, genoux, coudes)

Avec Sidonie Mançois, institutrice de la classe CE2.

Sidonie Mançois, institutrice de la classe CE2


Zumba Kids is a popular class that combines elements of dance and aerobics. With their favorite music accompaniment, kids learn to move, listen to the rhythm, exercise their bodies, and improve their health. Zumba benefits their physical growth, also protects from many problems associated with a sedentary lifestyle. Bernaldina Morvan – alias Toks.

I am Bernaldina “Toks” Morvan, mum of 3 children and I used to be working as an educational school assistant (AVS) at André Malraux. I have always been active in different styles of dance groups from an early age until the end of university: jazz, hip hop and latin.

Je m’appelle Bernaldina ”Toks” Morvan, je suis mère de trois enfants et j’ai été assistante de vie scolaire à André Malraux. Dès mon plus jeune âge et jusqu’à la fin de l’université j’ai toujours fait partie de groupes de danse divers : jazz, hiphop et musiques latines.

Bernaldina Morvan – alias Toks.


Dream Fencing Academy enjoys introducing the Olympic sport of fencing to children in the London and South East area. It is an ambitious fencing club that strives to be the best teaching fencing club in the UK, offering first-class and professionally coached fencing lessons for all ages. The club uses epee electric kit, and whether you are an aspiring GB fencer, a fencer wishing to improve your skills or someone who just wants to try something new, Dream Fencing is for you. The club provides high quality training for kids which, not only improves physical condition but also your mental concentration, coordination, self-discipline and emotional control.

Dream Fencing Club was found in 2010 in Sands End Community centre in Fulham. In a few years became one of the strongest competitive children’s clubs in UK and Europe.


Join us for our new exciting, hands-on science club. Children enjoy an interactive, educational and fun learning environment, taught by our inspirational teachers. For weekly clubs, each term covers new STEM subjects incorporating Life, Physical, Earth and Engineering. Our teachers, who deliver the classes have achieved Master or PhD degrees from renowned UK Universities, having studied Zoology, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Biochemistry and Mathematics, as well Science Communications. They love working with young children and passing their passion to become scientists.

Little House of Science

Video Science Classes and Holiday Camps – Little House of Science